Let us introduce you to Inga – the owner of Inga Cosmo salon and one of the leading cosmetologists in New York City.

Ever since Inga Cosmo was 16 years old, she has wanted to be a cosmetologist like her grandmother. Everything turned out as she wanted because, at the moment, Inga is one of the most skilled cosmetologists, with licenses and beauty experience from New York, Barcelona, Kiev, and Moscow. Inga has been providing high-quality beauty services for 23 years. Given the exceptional quality of her work, it’s no surprise that clients often had to wait months for an appointment. So in 2019, instead of only helping the people who can get to her, Inga decided to start teaching other cosmetologists so they could pass her skills on too.

Moreover, she created an original 4D Lifting Massage for the face and a 4-minute lift as part of a mobile application. 

No matter what your skin issue is, Inga is qualified to offer a solution. Even if she cannot do the procedure herself, all of the cosmetologists in her salon were trained by her, and the results are guaranteed. So whether you need a face cream, face lifting massage solution or want to attend one of Inga’s classes, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Inga Cosmo salon will be more than happy to help you!