Cosmetic clay, amazing masks.

Oh clay ! you are so amazing

You can use clay in pure form, before applying it is important that you cleanse your face from any makeup or extra first.

You will need to mix the dry clay with warm water( I personally like to mix the dry clay with beer  till it reaches the same consistently as sour cream.
– Apply onto face
– Massage using your fingers
– Wait until it is fully dried
– Then wash off with warm water and then follow up with cold water
– Apply moisturizer all over face and décolletage area


You can use this same recipe for your hair, on clean hair apply the mixture massaging into roots, put on a plastic cap or use a plastic bag and then top it with a towel, after an hour rinse with water

Cosmetic clay contains so many useful micro elements that are necessary or our skin.

Magnesium, potassium, iron, copper, iodine, sulfur, phosphorus, calcium- without those elements the skin looks faded and grayish.

Cosmetic clay just after one procedure makes the skin noticeably smoother
– Makes the skin noticeably smoother
– Exfoliates the skin
– Extracts dirt from pores
– Makes the skin more even
– Gets did of tiny wrinkles
– Kills surface level bacteria from the skin
– Speeds up the healing process of small cuts

Thanks to the versatile ingredients, there exists various types of clay, that differ by color and effects on the skin.

The more known white,blue,black,red,yellow,pink,green, and gray clay

For combating oily problematic skin it is best to use black clay, it consists of copper and magnesium, it is excellent at cleaning pores.

And just as amazing, the anti inflammatory blue clay, that helps skin more tight and even in color, and tiny pimples dry up. For testing acne,blackheads, and pimples the blue clay is used by cosmetologists more than other forms of clay.

White clay extracts oil and grease, clears out pores that aren’t ok deep, and slightly whitens, it is less effective than black or blue clay, it’s perfect for testing irrigation, dry and sensitive skin.

Try to use clay at least once in your beauty routine and it might just become a staple.