HydraFacial or Aqua-peeling is a mechanical peeling. A stream of water-air mixture aimed at the face with a special cosmetic device thus producing ultrasonic vibrations HydraFacial is very effective at cleansing skin surface and getting rid of dirt and dead cells; activating blood circulation; nourishing and moisturizing; speeding up cells renewal and rejuvenation.

The advantages of such a facial that it’s a gentle one yet a powerful peel and depends on desired results the treatment can also be used as an antiseptic to fight acne. Special nutrients and vitamins could be added to the solution to strengthen and revitalize dull skin. HydraFacial restores elasticity and fills in and smooths out wrinkles, eliminates puffiness and swelling and helps to contour facial features. HydraFacial is highly recommend to people with sensitive skin. To compare with other peelings this one is a fusion that allows a skin to be cleansed and moisturized at same time. During a process one may feel a slight tingling but generally it’s painless.

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