We have a super procedure at a super price we call “Magic gloves” which means micro current lymphatic drainage using special gloves.

The magic happens in the combination of the effects of a very low-frequency current and massage. 

The common benefits of the micro current facials are :

– Electrical impulses penetrate skin cells and activate intracellular processes strengthening muscular system to increase a collagen and elastin synthesis.
– Polishes the skin, promotes elasticity making skin look even and radiant.
– Restores PH balance and nourish, moisturize the skin
– Restores turgor which prevents the appearance of new wrinkles and eliminate existing ones.
– Strengthening and trains vessel walls

– The profound face lifting effect reduce double chin and nasolabial fold
– Fight against acne and prevents recurrence.
– Opens skin for a better a deeper nutrients acceptance.

Not recommended for people with: 
– Age related skin problems
– Mimic wrinkles
– Unhealthy and unusual complexion
– Active acne
– Scars
– Dark spots on the skin
– Swelling and pain syndromes

You would like to loose 5-10 years off your face?
How about to radiate with beauty and confidence?

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