“ Shedded like a snake”

Nano Technology Peel

Nano peel is a chemical type of peel.
It’s based on ability of nano particles to penetrate more deeply into the middle layer of the skin.
Nano particles are quite selective and stimulate fibroblasts which in turn contribute to the synthesis of a young collagen. The nano liposomes are identical in composition to the human cell membrane and the activated substances penetrate deep into the dermis and directly into the cells that need rehabilitation and care.
The procedure doesn’t leave any burns and eliminates a possibility of it due to the liposomal form.

Right after the first session you start seeing a positive and rejuvenating effect a nano peel has on the skin. There is no discomfort or side effects. You can even go out right after the procedure is done.

The benefits of a nano peeling are :

⁃ rejuvenation on the cellular level
⁃ intensified production of melanin and collagen, resulting in youthful and a bright skin tone.
⁃ dead skin cells eliminated unnoticeably
⁃ long lasting results
⁃ no side effect or burns
⁃ acne treatment and post acne scars elimination

Nano-Peel is very much in season right now at Inga’s Beauty Studio as the winter approaches.
The procedure will have you look radiant and will take up to 10-15 years off your face along with dead skin cells. Just like a snake sheds the old skin you will to to reveal a new beautiful skin under. And that’s why we call this peel “Shedded like a snake”.

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