Permanent Makeup

Welcome to Inga Cosmo! We are a cosmetology salon specializing in permanent makeup treatments. Our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals uses the latest technologies and techniques to provide you with the best possible results. 


Madonna did it, and so can you! Microblading is a tattooing technique that fills in eyebrows to make them defined and more attractive. The pigment is inserted into the skin, which then lasts for 1-3 years depending on the style. Afterward, the color will fade and need to be refreshed. A touch up is also needed during the first month after getting microbladed.


At Inga Cosmo, we offer a variety of eyebrow treatments using different techniques.

– The Ombré technique gradually transitions the eyebrows from a darker color to a lighter color near the nose bridge.

– The Powder Fill technique creates solid, even coverage throughout the entirety of the eyebrows.

– The Hair Stroke or Feathering technique fills in small gaps and creates natural, full looking brows.

In our Studio, you’ll be able to consult with a professional in order to choose the best technique for your age, face shape, and skin condition. This will noticeably enhance your attractiveness–we call it “Fine Define.”


Would you like to have perfect eyeliner or eyeshadow every day? Then get your makeup tattooed on! Permanent makeup can range from a simple line of eyeliner on one lid to a full-blown eyeshadow look complete with fades and highlights.

The most popular service here at Inga Cosmo is our permanent eyeliner. Our clients love the way they look when they leave our studio, with brighter eyes and more vibrant colors that really make a statement.


If you are unhappy with your thin, uneven lips or tired of constantly applying lipstick and lip liner, permanent makeup is your choice. With the assistance of a professional, you can have fuller and more defined lips. We correct uneven lines and minimize the appearance of wrinkles around the mouth. Feel free to choose any lip liner and color, from natural shades to brightness. You can always add gloss or lipstick later for a more attractive look.

At Inga Cosmo, we specialize in giving you gorgeous lips that are irresistible to kiss. If you’re looking for a makeover, our team would be happy to help. Book your appointment today!

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