Welcome to Inga Cosmo, the salon that provides top-notch podology treatments. For those who don’t know, podology is the study and practice of foot care. Here at Inga Cosmo, we make it our goal to give each client a relaxing experience and great results. The health of your feet is our top priority.

Our main podologist has over 10 years of experience in the industry and is passionate about helping people achieve healthy feet. Whether you have a foot condition or just want to maintain healthy feet, he can help. 

What problems should you address a podologist with:

– Nail problems: ingrown toenails corner into the skin, thickening of the plates, removal of ingrown nail corners, peeling nails, changes in nail color and shape

– Nail fungus and foot fungus. Treatment of fungus at home is not always safe, so we can correctly diagnose and choose a comprehensive and effective treatment.

– Symptoms of skin disease: feet peeling, itchy feet, burning sensation, the appearance of dry spots, etc.

– Calluses, crusty feet, cracked heels, painful sensations when moving, protruding bones near the big toe.

– Other causes: increased sweating, hyperkeratosis, unpleasant foot odor, swollen or inflamed toes.

If you have been struggling to find a solution to your problem and don’t know what to do, visit our studio Inga Cosmo. Our podologist will be happy to offer a free consultation.

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