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4D Face Lifting Massage

4D lifting massage is a revolutionary patented technique that combines and implements the best massage techniques around.

4D lifting massage built on 4-dimensional exposure.
1) Deep tissue buccal cavity massage ( from the inside the mouth)consists of working out and kneading muscles from the inside out the oral cavity and pressure point facial tissues and even bone structures. This is a fitness for the facial muscles that has the biggest impact. Each muscle is stretched inside and out. Thus a profound lifting effect granted.

2) Myfacial technique allows for the deep development of tissue,
stimulation the new cells formation and contributes to the regeneration and skin’s elasticity. The skin’s surface smoothes out, the face contour is corrected and tissue’s tone is restored.

3)Hemo-lymphatic drainage is a fast-acting technique which provides better blood circulation and lymph flow in the tissues, aims to eliminate toxins and excess fluid from tissues, enhances microcirculation.

4) Biovascular technique strengthens blood vessels and capillaries. A manual systematic approach works out all the tissue levels starting at the surface layer with a gradual transition to the muscular and articular. The above mentioned techniques combined
reduce the severity of spider veins and sagging skin, eliminate edema and circles under the eyes, improve the supply of oxygen to the skin tissues.

The 4D lifting massage benefits are:

Smoothed nasolobial folds
Face lift and neck and eyebrow lift. Sagging skin on the edge of the face and chin dissapear
A face lift noticible immediately after the first session
An improved blood circulation and lymph flow in the tissues
High increase in skin regeneration and elasticity
Mimic and age wrinkles smoothed out
An improved facial contour and restored
tissue tone
Strenthend vessels and accelerated supply of oxygen to the tissues
Reduced severity of spider veins and swelling
Eliminated dark circles

Indications for a cosmetic facial massage:

* dull skin;
* shallow mimic lines/wrinkles;
* oily skin;
* acne scars;
* decreased skin tone;
* worsening complexion;
* the presence of a double chin;
* slight sagging of the skin.

Contraindications for cosmetic facial massage:
* herpes and eczema in a state of exacerbation;
* presence of a fungus on the face;
* acute viral infections.

Step 1 – cleansing of the skin.  Remains of cosmetic products, dust, sebum are removed with the help of special lotions.
Step 2 – light exfoliation (scrub).  The soft, loose layer of the epidermis is removed.
Step 3 – serum for skin vitaminization
Step 4 – massage of the face, neck and décolleté using the 4D Lifting Massage technique
Step 5 – application of mask to nourish the skin of the face, neck and décolleté
Step 6 – (bonus included) electro-stimulation suitable for all skin types
Step 7 – application of our special face cream


Even normal skin periodically suffers from rashes and clogged pores. Especially after the summer, when the sebaceous glands are more active, lots of dust immediately settles on oily skin and provokes inflammation. FACE CLEANING (FACIAL) procedure is what you need.

Firstly, facial is a hygienic skin care, and already on the second place it’s an aesthetic procedure that improves skin appearance.

Dirty skin can’t fully perform very important bodily functions such as respiratory, suction, protective, tactile, thermoregulatory.

Usually, when the skin is contaminated, its immunity suffers at the first place, because different bacterias live “in the mud”, like in paradise. Dirty skin is prone to rashes in almost 100% of cases.

Before starting the procedure, the cosmetologist examines your skin, identifies problems and creates a step by step plan to solve them.
 Step 1 – cleansing the skin.  Remains of cosmetic products, dust and sebum are removed with the help of special face lotions.
 Step 2 – light exfoliation (scrub).  The soft, loose layer of the epidermis is removed.
 Step 3 – steaming.  It’s done in order to soften the skin, relax muscles, open pores and thin out their contents.
Step 4 – mechanical cleansing of the face.  With the help of a cosmetic ‘spoon’ skin is cleansed of dead cells, fatty residue, acne, comedones and milia. The skin is then disinfected.
 Step 5 – nourishment.  A soothing and pore-tightening mask is applied to the face.  Then, a protective cream is used – to reduce inflammation and repair damaged tissues.⠀

During the facial cleansing procedure:
upper keratinized skin layers are exfoliated;
acne and blackheads are removed;
the skin is cleansed from toxins;
the protective skin mantle and PH balance are restored;
Metabolism and blood circulation are stimulated.

After the cleaning procedure, your skin breathes better, which significantly reduces the number of new acne and blackheads. Cosmetic products can actually be absorbed and reach their destination. Skin looks younger, fresher and more attractive. It gains a pleasant fresh color, acquiring gloss and radiance.


If you want to help reduce the consequences of fatigue or stress appearances from your face, the aqua-peeling procedure can works wonders for your skin

Hydra-facial(Aqua-peeling) or vacuum peeling, is a unique cosmetology procedure in which there is an effective result on ones skin

Exfoliation of keratinized skin particles, which is a key element to maintaining youthfulness and beauty of the skin

Pore cleansing for healthy skin and prevention of new bacterial formation

Moisturizing the skin, along with the help of hydrogenated pressure serums, which allows penetration into the deep skin layers to provide them with necessary nutrition. Thereby contributing to the renewal of fibers and the creation of new cells

Vacuum massages strengthen blood vessels and capillaries, eliminates redness, and nourishes the skin with oxygen

After the first session of this procedure, you will already begin to notice changes in the form of skin renewal and deep cleansing. As intensive hydration and nutrition takes place, the skin begins to significantly tighten along with becoming smooth,fresh, and radiant.

Stages of the procedure

Skin cleansing

Lymphatic drainage massage

Aqua-peeling (using procedure description above)

Collagen serum

Alginate mask



We are the only salon in Brooklyn who performs this procedure – one of the most effective procedures in cosmetology.

Cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen
This is the most effective facial and body skin care procedure, that involves liquid nitrogen being used in ultra-low temperatures

Liquid nitrogen creates a spasm and strong expansion of blood vessels. Which causes significant improvements in blood circulation, stimulation of metabolic processes, and skin rejuvenation.

Cryotherapy is used for a number of facial skin pathologies and other disorders such as:
– Teenage Acne
– Hair loss/Baldness
– Facial Papillomas
– Sagging skin
– Cellulite
– Large pores and increased sebaceous glands (oily skin)
– Rosacea

Nitrogen Benefits:

– Reduces inflammation
– Improves microcirculation of blood tissues
– Exhibits lymphatic drainage results
– Provides nutrition and oxygenation of skin cells
– Smoothes out color and structure of the skin
– Helps with collagen production and elasticity
– Improves tone, rejuvenates, and minimizes wrinkles

In the case of dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis the condition of the skin is improved after the procedure.

Cryotherapy for the face feels like being in a bitter cold.
– The procedure lasts 10 minutes
– We carry out a light massage of the face with a cotton swab, pre-immersed in a vessel with liquid nitrogen
– During the procedure, the skin ‘freezes’, a slight tingling sensation is felt
– After the massage, there is a healthy glow and a lot of pleasant sensations

Love yourself and take care of yourself!


What happens to the skin when exposed to radio frequency energy:

RF lifting causes microscopic changes in the tissues, followed by the regeneration of new collagen, which results in the improvement and tightening of the subcutaneous structures.

The rise in temperature causes the collagen-containing tissues to contract (shrink).  When the maximum operating temperature of 44-50 degrees is reached, even the fibrils inside the collagen fibers themselves are compressed. Collagen fibers at this temperature lose water, denature, shrink and, most importantly, lose their ability to stretch, which leads to skin tightening and increase in overall skin elasticity.

 RF Lifting corrects issues such as:
• Pigmentation
• Shallow wrinkles and mimic (expression) lines;
• Dryness and flabbiness of the skin;
• Loss of facial contour;
• General aging of the skin;
• Under-eye bags.

 Procedure protocol:
1) cleansing
2) exfoliation
3) lymphatic drainage massage
4) collagen serum
5) RF Lifting
6) collagen mask
7) moisturizer
8) minus 5 years

Our cosmetologist will advise you and prescribe the required number of beauty sessions.  And very soon you will be able to enjoy your youth and flawlessness, and gift all of the unnecessary creams and ointments you own to those who do not yet know about RF-lifting.

Magic Gloves

This procedure has a healing and tightening effect and activates intracellular processes:
It strengthens the muscular frame;
It synthesizes collagen and elastane;
It increases skin smoothness and elasticity;
It normalizes the moisture amount;
It restores turgor, which helps delaying the appearance of wrinkles as much as possible and eliminating the existing ones.

It promotes:
– strengthening the blood vessels walls;
– muscle training;
– vivid face lifting effect;
– second chin and nasolabial folds reduction;
– acne disappearance and prevention as well as better penetration of biologically active substances.

– age-related skin changes;
– mimic wrinkles;
– unhealthy complexion;
– acne;
– scars;
– age spots;
– swelling and pain syndromes.

Carbon Peel

It’s a relatively new method of dealing with the first signs of aging and problem skin.

This technique relates to laser peeling combined with photorejuvenation and is performed using a carbon amplifier – nanogel.

– removal of the stratum corneum of the epithelium;
– smooth skin;
– healthy facial tone;
– pigment spots are eliminated;
– anti-aging effect;
– therapeutic effect, so it’s recommended for people who have:
– acne;
– rosacea;
– black heads

​​The procedure is performed in two stages:
Thin layer of carbon nanogel is applied onto the patient’s skin to prepare this area for laser exposure. During the laser exposure all dead cells are exfoliated. At the same stage the elimination of inflammatory processes occurs.
Using laser pulses, specialist performs the process of photothermolysis, which is heating the skin at deep level. This step promotes the production of elastin and collagen, which are responsible for skin’s elasticity and youth.

– lack of pain or any discomfort;
– visible result after the first procedure;
– lack of redness or usual peeling side effects;
– no rehabilitation period.

​​Carbon peeling is a very delicate procedure. During the interaction with the patient’s skin, it gently exfoliates the dead layers of the epidermis, having a bactericidal effect.
​​As a result, all metabolic processes including lipid metabolism are restored.
​​Moreover, it significantly narrows the enlarged pores and has a stimulating effect on the production of collagen and elastin. This procedure also starts regenerative processes at a deep cellular level, which leads to a general rejuvenation of the facial skin.

Chemical Peel

eeling is a procedure that sloughs away the very top layer of skin to exfoliate dull dry and dead skin. This procedure affects layers of the epidermis, removing the upper-most layer of the dermis. This skin exfoliation technique accelerates skin regeneration.  Peeling improves complexion, revitalizes and rejuvenates the skin.

 What is a PRX-T33 Chemical Peel?
This peel acts on the epidermal layer, but without redness and flaking of the epidermis which is present after using other medium peels. 
It is able to remove toughened skin without damaging the epidermis at all.
 Peeling composition PRX-T33
This peel only consists of 3 components, but this combination achieves unprecedented results.
 1. Trichloroacetic acid
PRX-T33 is 33% trichloroacetic acid, therefore it is referred to as median.  TCA acid activates the growth of fibroblasts in the skin and has an anti-inflammatory effect, which helps clear pores of comedones and sebum.
 2. Hydrogen peroxide
 It has a strong antiseptic effect.  When hydrogen peroxide interacts with skin, oxygen is released, mechanically cleansing the dermis of impurities and debris.
 3. Kojic acid
This acid is used for skin lightening. Properties of kojic acid help reduce melanin production, which is formed when skin is exposed to ultraviolet rays. Often this acid is used in the treatment of skin hyperpigmentation in the form of freckles, age spots, and lentigo.
An undoubted advantage of PRX-T33 peel is that combining these substances enables us to carry out a complex cosmetic procedure quickly and safely.
 Indications for PRX-T33 therapy:
  •  acne and post-acne
  •  reduced elasticity of facial skin and the neck
  •  scars, stretch marks
  •  hyperpigmentation
  •  seborrheic dermatitis
  •  hyperkeratosis of the skin
  •  prevention and treatment of photo-aging
  •  mimic/expression wrinkles
  •  dull/earthy skin color
  •  dehydration of the skin

MCA 35 – This is a biorevitalizing, innovative superficial-median peel.  This peel is the latest development of a Spanish laboratory, Innoaesthetics. It works by improving skin texture, turgor and restructuring the skin.  MCA 35 promotes intense stimulation and rejuvenation of all skin layers, which is supplemented by greater safety and shorter recovery times while maintaining exceptional efficiency.

MCA 35 ingredients:

• Monochloroacetic acid (35%) – launches the processes of intense revitalization and restructuring of the skin without causing a keratolytic effect and without requiring long-term rehabilitation;
• Arbutin (10%) – combats hyperpigmentation and promotes skin lightening, normalizes melanin biosynthesis and prevents further disturbances of this process;
• Salicylic acid (7%) – has an exfoliating effect, stimulates renewal of skin cells, evens out the skin relief, provides long-term results. Reduces hyperkeratosis on the skin surface and in the follicle orifices, improving the outflow of sebum;
• Hyaluronic acid – provides deep tissue hydration, helps reduce depth of wrinkles, restores elasticity and smoothness of the skin;
• Magnesium gluconate – most important trace element, which takes part in the cellular energy cycle (ATP production).

MCA 35 is a unique product for the treatment of involutional skin changes.  Its low molecular weight allows the peel to easily penetrate into the deep layers of skin, effectively stimulating the fibroblasts and launching neocollagenesis. Peeling normalizes epidermal barrier’s condition, improves skin hydration and corneometry, increases the index of microcirculation efficiency.

The epidermis becomes more uniform, the structure of the dermis becomes denser.

Indications for MCA 35:
– post acne
– dull, uneven complexion
– dry, flabby skin
– pigmentation
– atonic skin of the face and neck
– wrinkles of varying severity

Carrying out a chemical peel procedure requires an in-depth nowledge and experience on the part of the beautician, since controlled damage occurs during the treatment.
Therefore, it is very important to find an experienced beautician.

Microneedling. Mesotherapy

Renew your skin with an incredibly beneficial procedure – Microneedling.
Microneedle mesotherapy.

You’ll see results immediately after the first procedure:
– visible lifting effect
– superficial wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed
– skin texture evens out and acne scars disappear
– hyperpigmentation decreases.
– collagen production is stimulated
– the face is rejuvenated
As a result of this procedure density and elasticity of the skin is increased.

This procedure consists of superficially introducing a meso-cocktail under the skin using a bundle of specially sharpened microneedles. The needles are treated with nano-silver, which prevents inflammation at the site of exposure.

Indications for this procedure are:

– Dry sagging skin
– Dull, uneven skin
– The presence of fine and deep wrinkles (micro / macrorelief)
– Pigment spots
– Acne and post-acne (acne scars and spots);
– Presence of large pores and increasingly oily skin

As a result of microneedling, cellular regeneration is accelerated, the processes of collagen formation and production of elastin are stimulated.

Miracle Hair Growth Treatment

During winter, your hair needs care and nourishment the most. During this season, we have dry air in heated rooms and rapid change of temperature when we go outside. All these factors greatly affect our hair, making its appearance much worse.

An excellent solution in this situation is the three-stage treatment procedure “Healthy Hair”.

It includes:
massage of the scalp to speed up the metabolism in the skin;
healing elixir that stimulates rapid hair growth;
electrotherapy that awakens sleeping hair follicles and heals damaged hair.

The results after the procedure:
– Hair becomes thicker and its growth noticeably accelerates;
– Hair follicles and the hair itself get repaired;
– Hair gets a neat and nice look;
– Dandruff is reduced;
– Hair becomes smooth and silky and very easy for brushing;
– A noticeable increase in hair volume;

If you experience hair loss the “healthy hair” procedure is what you need! For clients, who’ve already tried it, the rate of hair loss significantly decreased. Hair bulbs wake up and new hair starts growing!

Easy Squeeze Slimming Treatment

Want to lose weight FAST?

All you need to do is come to our salon!
Introducing the most popular and most effective EASY SQUEEZE treatment.

How does it work?
It’s a multistep process of impact on your skin and the body as a whole!
First, you will be wrapped in a special blanket in order to warm up the tissues and muscles, and to accelerate your metabolism and then, the magic rays of our PolyVenus machine will do their work.

When your body is wrapped, the magic begins.

The PolyVenus device encompasses everything that is available in modern cosmetology today, and it is so masterfully combined that after only one procedure you get the effect of several simultaneous procedures. My miracle device includes laser, ultrasound, RF Lifting, Vacuum massage. And much more.

Vacuum massage improves blood flow, removes intercellular fluids, helps remove toxins
RF – due to deep heating, the fatty sublayer thins out, the metabolism in the skin is accelerated, collagen changes its structure and the skin gains firmness and elasticity.
Laser stimulates connective tissues, activates blood circulation and lymph flow.
Cavitation – destruction of fat cells using an ultrasonic wave. Ultrasound destroys the cell membrane, fat under pressure turns into a liquid and is excreted from the body through normal metabolic processes.

Thanks to these high technologies, we achieve excellent results in a short time and the process is completely painless!

Cryotherapy for hair loss

Cryotherapy is an ultra-low temperature liquid nitrogen treatment.  It sounds scary, but in fact, it’s quite a pleasant and beneficial procedure for your hair.

During the procedure, liquid nitrogen, which immediately evaporates is applied to the scalp with a special cotton applicator.  There’s a sensation of tingling and cold at first, then, a feeling of warmth.

During cryotherapy, reserve capillaries are activated, “old” dead skin cells and dandruff are removed, inflammation is reduced, and cell renewal of hair follicles is accelerated.

Liquid nitrogen has powerful anti-inflammatory, exfoliating and anti-fungal properties.

Indications for cryotherapy:

* hair loss of various origins
* seborrheic dermatitis
* oily seborrhea
* alopecia areata
* dandruff
* hyperkeratosis (flaky, “rough” skin)

Cryotherapy for hair allows us to:
– remove dead skin cells from the scalp
– soften the epidermis
– unclog pores
– regulate the work of the sebaceous glands
– activate the growth of hair follicles
– speed up metabolic processes
– prevent hair loss
– eliminate dandruff and flaking

In addition, hair cryotherapy treatments improve the general condition of hair, making it more elastic, smooth and shiny.

Consultation with us is always free.